Moving Everyone to the Same Page

Reinforcing and Strong Audits

A better way for faster improvement in the company is to detect current vulnerable dynamics via a stronger audit.

  • Security Audit

    Advanced & Forceful

  • Software Audit

    For Performance and Stability

  • Budget Control

    Controlling Efficiency

  • Integrity Detection

    Adapting & Right Fitting

  • Product PoC Report

    Proving the Features

  • Source Code Review

    Securing & Improving

Security Audit

Ringing the alarm bell with a stronger security audit leads the company to more secure and healthy digital environment.

Main goal is to tighten the company security and get faster security response from all users by;

– discovering all critical vulnerabilities

– proving destroying effects of not applying to company rule sets

– preparing users for cyber crises

– enhancing operation continuity & disaster recovery

– training users for faster adapting to security rules

– working undercover with management and fully using the audit for companies own good.


  • Customizable; advanced to standard service flexibility
  • Analyzing current company dynamics; both internal and externally
  • Analyzing the company Internet presence with both black and gray methods
  • Analyzing software systems and available data on house
  • Map out the entire company and business operations; underline the critic vulnerable attack vectors with a 3rd person view
  • Management meeting with a closed small group
  • Simulating and/or evidence collection for security and recovery failures
  • Management meeting / employee meetings
  • Designing trainings and/or education simulations
  • Overall summary meeting with management
  • Planning mid-term pop-up audits
  • Periodic application of simulated scenarios in long term

What is delivered with this service is;

Employee Wise Better Enlightenment on Continuity and Security of Company

as Planned By Department Managers

Let’s Work Together on Security Audit!

Software Audit

Code It Your Way, As Fast As You Can!

Let Us Improve The Remaining Sides; Budget Savings, Performance, Security, Stability

Main goal is to create faster software but a better output by;

– supplying additional man power to your project

– decreasing the time needed for extra research on out of focus areas

– improvements on resource performances

– creating a better production environment

– increasing capability of the systems

– securing the project and creating future code discipline

– working along with both management and development team

Pre – Analysis

  • Meeting with project collaborators
  • Determining enhancing potentials and compatibility of software and hardware resources
  • Budget and schedule drafting
  • Proposing budget & improvement capabilities


Analysis & Improving Process

  • Project reviews; functions, features and targets
  • Code review
  • Analysis of resources
  • Code and security recommendations
  • Implementation and carry-on consultancy
  • Auditing new code; part by part analysis
  • Trainings and/or meetings for ongoing consultancy
  • Resource optimization for cost efficiency
  • Enrolling to new code
  • Security checks on full environment; code, resources
  • Final reporting to the management
  • Remote or meeting based consultancy

What is delivered with this service is;

Accelerated Software Improvements Based on Needs of Head Management

by Close Collaboration With Development Team

Let’s Work Together on Software Audit!

Budget Control

Controlling What You Spend, Supporting Your Decisions,

Improving The Budget Efficiency and  Offering Alternative Products and Solutions

Main goal is to validate necessity of consumption by;

– analyzing current consumption level

– defining needs of departments

– determining future needs and budgets plans

– evaluating the upcoming consumptions

– running 3rd party controls during consumptions

Analysis & Improving Process

  • Analyzing current systems and software
  • Defining needs of departments and expansion plans
  • Determining future budgets plans of management
  • Evaluating the future budget and/or consulting for future infrastructure needs
  • Drafting future budget if necessary
  • Running 3rd party controls during budgeted consumptions
  • Meetings and audit report presentations to the management

What is delivered with this service is;

Balanced and Effective Technology Consumption

Enabling Foreseeable Resource Allocation on Future Improvement Needs

Let’s Work Together on Budget Control!

Integrity Detection

Detecting and Maintaining The Integrity of Technologies Operated

Main goal is to create more effective technological environment by;

– analyzing current systems and software

– analyzing bottlenecks of the technologies on hand

– consultancy on new technology meetings

– enabling optimum value from new brought technology

– presenting a decision boosting consultancy

Analysis & Improving Process

  • Analyzing current systems and software
  • Map out the company assets and needs
  • Find out bottleneck technologies and check currently offered new technologies
  • Attend to new technology offer meetings as consultant
  • Benchmark new technology offers
  • Enable optimum value from new brought technology by auditing and deploying consultancy
  • Create executive summary for management

What is delivered with this service is;


More Effective Technological Environment 

and Adaptation of New Technologies Within Optimum Budget, Settings and User Performance

Let’s Work Together on Integrity Detection!

Product PoC Report

We do evaluate your new investment, it’s assumed outcomes to your company and “prove or (disprove) the concept” offered by product.

Main goal is to prove the right value of the product by;

– analyzing true product capabilities

– detecting offered values

– comparison with the company needs

– creating a decision booster report for management

Analysis & Decision Improving Process

  • Analysis of company needs
  • Analysis of offered product capabilities
  • Analysis of market for “same class” products
  • State true product capabilities and compare with company needs
  • Detection of input-outcome values and reporting
  • Presenting PoC report to department manager
  • Plain executive reports with crystal clear views about investment

What is delivered with this service is;


Increase Investment Accuracy by Proving (or disproving)

The Match Between Company Needs and Product Capabilities

Let’s Work Together for Product PoC Report!

Source Code Review

We do care your knowledge and time investment on it while reviewing your codes,

we focus on improving and protecting the value developed.

Main goal is to provide healthier software codes by;

– analyzing codes

– offering security improvements

– offering methodological improvements

– creating a better value by collaborative development

Analysis & Code Improving Process

  • Analysis of company needs
  • Analysis of current team capabilities
  • Analysis of source codes
  • Stating security status
  • Offering security improvements
  • Offering methodological improvements
  • Collaborative rewriting of codes and reviews
  • Report ongoing process and improvement speed to management
  • Plain executive reports with clear views on improvement process

What is delivered with this service is;


Increased Coding Value of Software Project

and Better Outsourcing of Security By Collaborative Team Work

Let’s Work Together for Source Code Review!

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