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DoS Prevention System

Developed against DoS attacks

ILDA detects and blocks attacks by dynamic analysis


ILDA (Intermediate Layer Defensive Application) provides successful protection on all layers from Layer 1 to Layer 7.

Capable of dynamic analysis, while ILDA Analyzer inspects the attacks on client servers actively, ILDA commander enables managing the attack traffic at Tier 2.

ILDA system provides successful defense at Layer 7 (software layer) for game servers, SaaS, application servers, unique software or services.

TINA Isolator

ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access

Strong Defence From The First Step


TINA Isolator is a zero trust network access system is a service / server security layer developed against advanced cyber attacks.

It serves on-premises, prevents the services / servers offered to certain users over the Internet from being seen by everyone, and provides a more controlled access.

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Threat Intercepting Network Appliance


Developing since 2014, TINA is one of the best cyber security prevention technologies.


“Machine Learning” and “Multi-Stage Threat Intelligence” provides capability of detection and prevention of Malware and APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) without need for a human intervention.

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