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25+ years experience in IT and security, 11 years with OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) and 10 years with OSCE (Offensive Security Certified Expert) certificates, 10 years of experience on ISR R&D Labs.


Detection Services

  • Cyber Hygiene Check-up

  • Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

  • Source Code Analysis

  • Forensic Analysis

Cyber Hygiene Check-up

Checking Up Your Digital Health


Basic to Advanced Problems

Best Selling Services:

– Admin/Executive Cyber Hygiene Check-up : Admin (or executive manager) specific hygiene check
– Personal Cyber Hygiene Check-up : Determining the hygiene level of an individual’s assets

see details below…

Healthy Digital Life

Performing cyber hygiene checkup leads determination of any harmful software, resources, or network movement, this detections enables you to carry on a better and healthier digital life and security.


Detections during checkups are stated with a emergency to do list. By this way it is easier and effective to go secure immediately.

What We Do In A Few Words

Cyber hygiene is much similar to hygiene in our real life; this time, your digital assets and their relations with data is the subject to cleanness.


Interactions with “dirty” malicious software/codes, interactions on “public places” like public wifi or interactions on your “home/corporate” internal network defines the level of hygiene. Such like we have all acceptable hygiene rules in our life, there is acceptable levels of hygiene in digital assets too.

With this services, we measure the hygiene level and detect if there is “a cleaning work needed” to keep your digital life healthy!


– Internal Cyber Hygiene Check-up : Placing a software and/or a hardware to your internal network, we evaluate connected assets hygiene.

Check-up Duration: Determined by asset size, 1 Day to 30 Days


– External Cyber Hygiene Check-up : Determining the hygiene level of mobile assets and/or server assets and/or cloud services and/or other Internet available service devices for hygiene status.

Check-up Duration: Determined by asset size, 1 Day to 30 Days


– Public Cyber Hygiene Check-up : Increasing the awareness of hygienic use of digital assets in public places, includes both detections and training.

Check-up Duration: Determined by asset size, 1 Day to 30 Days


– Personal Cyber Hygiene Check-up : Determining the hygiene level of mobile assets and/or any other personal assets hygiene level, personal training and recommendations for threat vectors and connection between social and work life are placed.

Check-up Duration: Determined by asset size, 1 Day to 10 Days


– Admin/Executive Cyber Hygiene Check-up : Admin (or executive manager) specific hygiene check helps for a fast risk reduction against common cyber attacks. Either after an incident or a cause, or a periodic check, this service enables increasing hygiene level of a organizations establish and maintain strong security.

Check-up Duration: Determined by asset size, 3 Day to 10 Days


Mevertech Admin Cyber Hygiene Check-up leverages the extensive experience of Mevertech R&D lab team has gained from penetration tests and responding to significant data breaches at many organizations during last 10 years. These breaches found during tests and/or incidents resulted from some of the most common attacks involving administration access and each case provides valuable insights about how attackers operate and exploit an organization’s vulnerabilities.


With this program we help organizations for a faster risk reduction and reaching a satisfying security level with fewer budget expenditures.

What is delivered with this service is;


We Enable A Faster Risk Reduction and

Reaching A Satisfying Security Level With Fewer Budget Expenditures.

Let’s Work Together on Cyber Hygiene Check Up!

Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

Against Hide and Seek Playing,

Persistent, Tacky Malicious Codes 

What An APT Does,

What We Do, In a Few Words


APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is the most dangerous type of malicious codes. Even capable of hiding itself, like hide and seek game play, whenever you try to seek it, it hides. It is not easy to find and furthermore after finding it, is not easy to eliminate the defect of it. It is a tacky code that can reborn from the ashes.


APT cannot be detected by virus programs. They are not easily found in security literatures, virus databases, this is why in most cases user finds out an APT by their damages or suspicious anomalies, it does not leave a touchable clue. APT is sometimes very well designed for the target, it might be coded for a special purpose and a victim (person or company) does not even recognize their presence over a year or more!


Many of the (lucky) users use the same similar words when an APT is living on the digital grounds; “an unusual thing” happens, “something costs more”, “something slows down”, or “some how” “computer lives it’s own life!”


Mostly, a user finds out an APT by their damages; either after paying by reputation damage from stolen sensitive data, or peaking performance / resource problems by means of data load, CPU or any other resources cost as money lost.


Defining The APT

– We evaluate current assets and company structure
– We set out our way tailored for target, time saving moves
– We set our tools and methods
– We work (shh apt guys are listening too!)
– In short; we use our professional experience and discipline of R&D lab experience, we catch them and report.

Defining The Undefined

Most of the time APT cannot be detected by virus programs and user finds out an APT by their damages or suspicious anomalies, that does not leave a touchable clue.


Eliminating Future Problems

APT leads to undetected data theft and have a very long life span in a digital environment.


Mevertech is the authorized reseller of APT protection appliance TINA which is an automated high level solution for Advanced Persistent Threats, Zero Days and signatureless attacks, besides any other known viruses and threat vectors.

Tina is also capable of detecting already placed APTs, zero days, or exploited software vulnerabilities. It is a hybrid system including many detection and protection techniques such as; behavior based analysis, malicious databases, AI, central database and central threat analysis labs, automated reverse engineering malicious file analysis, threat intelligence and active honeypot systems. See Tina page for more information.

What is delivered with this service is;


Cyber Hygiene by Tailored Analysis

and Best Result in Shortest Time 

Let’s Work Together on Advanced Persistent Threat Hunting!

Source Code Analysis

We do care your knowledge and time investment on your codes,
we focus on protecting the value developed.

Analysis & Code Feedback Process


– Analysis of company needs and threat vectors

– Analysis of current team capabilities

– Analysis of source codes

– Analysis via cyber security professional point of view

– Stating security status; vulnerability causing codes and/or backdoors

– Offering security improvements

– Report ongoing process and improvement speed to management

– Plain executive reports with clear views on improvement process

– Source code consultancy service option for long term coaching, if additional service needed

Our R&D Labs

Running more than 10 years of experiences in R&D labs and own product experiences on information security sector, with this experiences, we help a development team not only by means of security, but also for development life problems too.


Use Our Expertise on Development and Security Processes

We are ready to share both our development experience and cyber security knowledge.

What is delivered with this service is;


Increased Coding Value of Software Project
and Better Code Security By Collaborative Team Work

Let’s Work Together on Source Code Analysis!

Forensic Analysis

Need a Detailed Security Check?

Our R&D Labs

We are running more than 10 years of experiences in R&D labs and own product experiences on information security sector. By this experiences, we help to find info as much as possible while protecting the evidences.


Forensic Thinking

Based on our penetration test experiences and countless forensic analysis, we are covering necessary attack vectors during our evidence collection for forensic studies.

What is delivered with this service is;

Early Detection of Evidences About Cyber Attacks

and/or Precautionary Analysis Against Suspicious Uses

Let’s Work Together on Forensic Analysis!

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